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The only broken hearted loser you'll ever need. [entries|friends|calendar]
Craig Manning

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[09 Jan 2006|09:22pm]
[ mood | tired ]

ugh, are you ever so tired that your eyes burn? what a shitty feeling. i probably look like some junkie about now.

hmmmm, well, i finally got my acceptance letter to UBC! it came in last week. and i taped it to my wall. just as motivation really, to get me through the rest of the year. i really wish i could just go there now. but, it's soon enough. hopefully i'll get a cool roomate. not some jerk, so cocky guy. it's going to be crazy though being so far away from home. but i'm sure i'll get used to it. and paige will be there with me anyway, so it's going to be awesome.

what else? been spending a lot of time with ellie lately. we went to tim horton's tonight. pretty much our first date. recent date? how would that work. but yeah, one of those. you know what i mean. i don't know anything about coffee though, so i made her pick something out for me. a "double double," whatever that is. tasted good though. i'll just have to bring her along everytime i go. i wouldn't mind going there a lot if she went with me. also snacked on some tibits, yum yum. best dinner i ever had. or better than what joey makes. as good as kraft dinner is, it gets old.

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[01 Jan 2006|04:19pm]
[ mood | complacent ]

so the rest of my christmas was good. got some cds, dvds, and videogames from the family. ang even made me a little gingerbread house. no spin, you can't eat it. it was good though. even though ang went screaming through the house @ about 6 am "SANTA CAME, SANTA CAME!" haha.

later on, after all the "family quality time," i went over ellie's. she got me this really cool program for my computer so it's pretty much like a recording studio. how perfect is that? so perfect, i wouldn't even be able to think of that. i didn't even know such things existed. but yeah, pretty impressive. my very own santa.

after we exchanged gifts we just sat in front of the fire place and talked. it was just nice being there, it was really relaxing. just being there with her. when we were talking, the light from the fireplace just hit her prefectly, and i told her she was beautiful. she sounded like she was surprised, not only by me saying that, but like... it was the first time she's heard that. that can't be true though. after i told her that, she kissed me. she told me she missed us being like this. i do too, i mean, i never really got over her. it just ended so... bad. bad's not even the word. but this isn't bad. this is good. we actually talked a really long time, so long that i think we woke up her dad. i didn't want to get her in trouble, so ended up leaving.

new years was... pretty lame last night. had to spend it with the family. there was confetti all over the living room last night. had to vacuum that today. yay. we had party hats and noise makers, set off fire works. aw, adorable. got to have a toast of the new year. joey got champagne, i got sparkling cider. don't you love happy endings?

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[24 Dec 2005|01:24pm]
[ mood | satisfied ]

so i called that chick from ubc, and she never called me back. i decided to play it safe and not call again. i don't want her to think i'm desperate or anything. i'm kind of glad she didn't. i mean, what would we do anyway? kind of stupid now that i think about it...

so the other day, i went to ang's winter dance recital. it was great. so manny "awwwww"s, haha. wore a tutu and everything. they did a dance to "little st. nick" by the beach boys, and i love the beach boys. don't care how lame it is. so that one was my favorite. joey took a video of the whole thing of course. so we can embarrass her when she gets older. j/k.

the other night i hung out with ellie too. she had the great idea of driving around and looking @ the lights all the houses had. it was pretty fun, i haven't done that for years and i forgot what it was like. put me in the holiday mood.

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[18 Dec 2005|08:23pm]
[ mood | smug ]

so work's pretty much controlling my life. this past week, joey's got me running around like crazy. i had to decorate the car lot all by myself. it's pretty much impossible. so that definitely took me a while. and joey's still stuck on the costume ideas. i'm not going to dress up as santa. joey definitely can't do it. he's bald. i'm white and pastey. so he wants me to do it. he's crazy. anyway, if you're really hungry. next week, joeys having free hot cocoa, coffee and donuts at the lot. but spinner, if you come everyday, i think he might catch on to it.

more adequte, decent, not too bad update later.

the mUsique.

another MI update [06 Dec 2005|11:11am]
[ mood | devious ]

let me tell you, UBC was awesome. there wasn't anything about the campus i didn't like. yeah, so the food wasn't great. but there are still plenty of places to eat on campus, including a tim hortons. i'd already applied before i went on the trip, and man, am i happy i did. because it was gorgeous. now i just have to wait for the to accept me. any day now...

while we were there, paige scouted out for parties, being the social butterfly she is and told me about the whole jay/spin fiasco. sticky situation. so much so that spinner didn't even come, which bummed me out. but at least i didn't feel like the 3rd wheel? So we went to some frat party. wow, animal house much? pretty much stereotypical party. it was pretty crazy. the good kind though. it's going to be hard to top that one. i felt a little awkward at first, but after all the alcohol set in, didn't really matter much. The girls from Alpha something something were there too. and boy are they friendly. You really know the way to meet girls? tell them you sing/play guitar/write songs. or all the above if you're me.

sunday, i didn't have a hangover, because i didn't drink as much as paige. so i pretty much had to drag her around town. there's a lot to do and see there. i'm in love with that university. i'm going there. no matter what. i just hope my roomie's not a dick. too bad you can't have co-ed roomates.

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MI update [02 Dec 2005|09:53am]
well, i'm in media immersions right now, so i better make this fast before mean 'ol simpson catches me. kidding, but the bell's going to ring soon.

good news, i went to the dot with ellie a this week. it was nice seeing her again. it's been weeks since i've been there and even longer since i've seen her, so it was a good time.

other good news. going up to BC tomorrow! i'm already packed and everything. i've been packed actually, that's how excited i am. paige will be on top of all the happenings around campus, aka parties, so everyone else, be jealous.

bell's going to ring!
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i'm baaack [26 Nov 2005|05:12pm]
[ mood | cold ]

i'm back from ski country. it was great. no school, no homework, work, or worries. we stayed in a pretty sweet hotel too. they had activites for kids, so i took ang to bingo a couple days and we watched movies in their theate (yes, the hotel had a home theater).

i didn't go skiing or snowboarding. it would have cost $200, so i told joey that i'd rather have an ipod. hopefully he'll take a hint for what i want for x-mas. here's hoping.
we did go snow tubing though. it was a lot of fun. oh, and i also went snow biking. instead of tires, they're skis. and they give you these boots that have little skis on them too. that was pretty fun. i felt ridiculous though.

a few picturesCollapse )

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winter, here i come! [18 Nov 2005|06:12pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

i just finished my application for the university of british columbia. me and paige still need to visit it, but just so i have options. maybe i'll major in photography? or maybe preforming arts. who knows. you can go in as undecided anyway. wish me luck kiddos!

know what's good on days like this? hot coa coa. mmmm. joey bought the packages with the marshmallows in em too. he rocks. another thing i like about our house is that we actually have a fire place, how sick is that? it's so comforting. and warm mmmm. ohhh, we should have a marshmallow roasting thing coming up here. that'd be fun. and secret santas. i'm already feeling the holiday mood! we're going up to ski country tomorrow. can you believe it? i've never actually been skiing or snowboarding, but at the very least, i'll go sledding. ang loves getting the huge inner tubes.

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OOC [18 Nov 2005|05:33pm]
((I'm going to be in Vail for a week starting tomorrow))
the mUsique.

working at the lot is glamorous [14 Nov 2005|06:34pm]
[ mood | exhausted ]

lot's been busy since joey's had the promo for it. "push pull or drag it to jeremiah motors!"

have you seen his new commercial? the guy's dressed up as superman. wow. how embarrassing. he tried to get me to dress up in a tire costume and walk up and down the street for more customers. i really think he's lost it.

i've been cleaning the cars more than anything. manual labor. it sucks. i always smell like windex now. but man, there's never streaks on any of the cars. i tend to smell like mr. clean too. it's a mixture really. if paper towels had a scent, you could throw that in also. car washes, vacuuming, dusting, and window washing. what a combo, right? i'm like the next effing martha stewart. still can't cook though, which is a shame really, cuz as skinny as i am, i'm usually pretty hungry.

annnnnyway. how is everyone? i've been sort of on a hiatus i guess.

i think i'm over-due for a concert. and a shake at the dot.

i guess rick's back. which is odd. i don't know why he'd want to come back. maybe to try and steal ellie away from everyone again? i wonder what he's up to now.

Paige, Spin, Ash. call me, e-mail me, im me. we need to hang out pronto.

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