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The only broken hearted loser you'll ever need.

Craig Manning
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User Number: 6605145
Date Created:2005-03-28
Number of Posts: 71

I'm Craig Manning, grade 12. I plan on going to UBC next year, in beautiful British Columbia, where I will study music. I live with my step-dad, Joey, and my little sister, Ang. I like to color with her and read her stories. my best friends are Paige and Spinner. I tend to play the guitar and write songs about teen angst and the good stuff in life too.
Strengths: friendly, easy-going
Weaknesses: tan inclinded, and i tend to screw myself over a lot
Special Skills: guitar, singing, photography
Weapons: pen and paper, and my guitar
Bands: death cab for cutie, motion city soundtrack, cursive, brand new, taking back sunday, fall out boy, the cure, say anything, the shins, weezer

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